What are the Career Options after Pursuing BAMS?

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Want to know What are Career Options after Pursuing BAMS? Read ahead and get to know about them. Are you the one who is pursuing BAMS and not aware of what career options you can choose after that? Well, here is a detailed information module on the same that you can go through and know what are the best career options that you can grab after pursuing BAMS. Ayurvedic Medicine has a long history and it is known very well for healing ailments and the powerful elements that belong to nature and are available all around us. Ayurvedic medicine is very effective and powerful, and can even easily serve as a healer for chronic illness.

BAMS degree is available for those who want to study art and science. The concepts of this study are based on traditional medicine and are also linked with the logic of modern and medical science. Your scope after BAMS degree course gets wider today as most people are moving towards Ayurvedic treatment. The high demand for Ayurvedic specialists suddenly increased the rate of student enrolment in BAMS courses in various colleges and institutes such as AIMS, Mansarovar Medical Ayurvedic College, and Ayurvedic and Unani Tibbia College.

Masters in Ayurveda

One of the best and the optimum courses that you can enrol in after completing a Bachelor's in Ayurveda Medicine is a master's in Ayurveda. This degree helps in boosting and multiplying your knowledge and along with that it also helps to enhance your conscience. The course has many other streams that are the best for students and knowledge of Ayurveda can help to become a preacher as well as a healer of Ayurveda. An MD after BAMS is also quite beneficial and helps the candidates to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Certificate courses after BAMS can help to improve the professional scope.

Master’s in Public Health

The stream is also one of the most useful streams to study and the BAMS graduate needs to be very cautious of the various health concerns that are prevailing. One of the major health concerns that all are impacted by and are worried about is the covid 19. Since the population is huge and the resources are less, therefore, it is important that before the collapse of public health there is a lot of effort done in the health sector. Along with that, many countries are spending a lot of money on the same so that they can save funds and even develop the necessary budget for the same. Career options after BAMS course are so flourishing that you can even get a job overseas

MBA in Hospital Care Management

Knowledge of Ayurveda helps improve the medication and management degree. Moreover, there are various affairs that happen in hospitals and the course helps to prepare a person for that. A degree in public health also helps to open doors for a lot of job opportunities and these are going to be quite beneficial for the aspirants and the candidates.

MSc in Health Science

A master's degree in the health sector is also one of the best specializations that you can opt for. The specialities include theoretical studies and research as well. The major areas in it include ayurvedic studies as well as the study of health. A master's degree in health science after the BAMS degree has a great impact on increasing the chances of your employment and also involves better salary packages as well. Allopathic courses after BAMS can also opt.

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MSc in Nutrition

One of the best ways to upskill the BAMS degree is to do a master's in nutrition. A Master's degree in Nutrition covers the basics of food, nutrition management, and a lot of other aspects as well. MSc in nutrition is a 2-year long course and it has a huge impact on the health and the body as well. There are excellent and resourceful training methods that one can opt for. Moreover, it is seen that nutrition and dietetics is a vast field and one should surely have a deep knowledge of it, in order to practice it. Ayurveda surely has some great impact and career avenues to hold on to. There are various government jobs after BAMS waiting for you. You just have to upgrade your knowledge to a high level so that you can treat people in a better way.


1.Can one get a job easily after BAMS?

Yes, BAMS graduates can easily get jobs after receiving their degrees and relevant experience.

2. Does BAMS have a good job scope?

Yes, the scope of employment after a BAMS degree is wide and there are various opportunities to work in different sectors which include research, ayurvedic medicine and business sectors and a lot more.

3. How much does a BAMS doctor earn?

Bams Doctor salary in India ranges between INR 0.3 Lakhs to INR 8.1 Lakhs with an average annual salary of INR 4.0 Lakhs.

4. Can someone become a surgeon after doing BAMS?

BAMS graduates need to perform the OT procedures and the various draining as well so that they can proceed with major surgeries.

4. BAMS is valid in which countries?

The scope of BAMS in foreign countries is highly impressive. BAMS is valid in a lot of countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Serbia, the European Union, Tanzania, Latvia, Serbia and a lot more.

5. Is BAMS tough?

Yes, it is a tough course but it can be pursued easily with dedication.

6. What is the future of Ayurveda?

The future in Ayurveda is huge and the scope of the stream is broad that focuses to improve global healthcare. Career options after bams are quite impressive such as Medical transcription, medical tourism, medical event management, medical journalism, medical photography and documentation.

7. Can we do a bridge course after BAMS?

The bridge course permits Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) doctors to practice allopathy to a certain extent at Health and Wellness Centers (HWCs) across the state.

8. Which is harder: BAMS or MBBS?

MBBS is regarded to be much tougher in comparison to BAMS.
Thus, Ayurveda has huge scope and getting a degree in the same with a master's would improve the scope and also level up the career opportunities. Emergency medicine course after BAMS is also one of the options that students can choose after BAMS. To make your BAMS degree stronger, you must choose the ideal college or institute where you can learn each bit of this course.