Is Choosing a Private College for Obtaining a BAMS Beneficial?

  Private College for BAMS


BAMS stands for Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. It is an undergraduate degree program course whose curriculum is designed to teach students both the fundamentals of Ayurveda and how to effectively treat patients.

Students can have a variety of employment options in reputable hospitals and agencies after completing this course.

BAMS Private colleges have a much higher success rate in terms of the placement of their students. This is because these colleges have better industry connections and can offer their students better job opportunities.

Are you confused about choosing the best BAMS Private college?

Choosing among the best BAMS Private colleges is difficult, but not anymore!

In this blog, an attempt will be made to explore all the Bams information that you need to know! Read on with us.

BAMS Course Highlights: A Detailed View

BAMS is an undergraduate program, designed for students, who want to build a career around Ayurveda and its usage in the cure, treatment, and analysis of health and its ailments.

In the BAMS course, students study various subjects related to Ayurveda such as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, diagnostic techniques, herbal medicine, surgery, and traditional treatments.

To know some crucial highlights of the BAMS degree provided by the Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College, please refer to the table below:

Level of Education Undergraduate
Course Name Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
Course Duration 4.5 years of academic knowledge + 1 year of internship
Average Course Fee INR 3,72,000 per annum (approx.)
Availability of Seats 100


To seek admission at the Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College, you must satisfy the following BAMS course eligibility:

  • A 10+2 examination or intermediate certification with a minimum of 50% in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as optional subjects or its equivalent Certificate/Diploma with the above subjects recognized by the Government.
  • NEET Qualified
  • Age should be 17 to 25 years as of 31st December of the year of admission.
  • If eligible, students will be admitted only through relevant Central/State Govt. counseling.

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BAMS Scope:

Apart from the present BAMS Benefits, this course is a futuristic one. For graduates in a variety of medical specializations, the BAMS program provides an array of opportunities.

Completing a course after satisfying the BAMS eligibility at the Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College will enable you to expand your career options. Typically, you can work in Ayurvedic hospitals, wellness centers, research organizations, etc.

In addition, you will become eligible to participate in the research and creation of Ayurvedic medications.

Some of your best employment options can include the following:

  • Clinic Manager
  • Medical Representative
  • Pharmacist
  • Ayurvedic Doctor
  • Lecturer

In addition, Bams scope is not limited to working in hospitals and clinics but it can also provide you with greater career potential.

Key Points on why choosing a Private college for BAMS Beneficial

Private colleges for BAMS can be beneficial for several reasons as it offers more simplified admission criteria, accepting students from various backgrounds to enroll.

Here are some key points to consider on why a Private College for BAMS can be beneficial:

  • Quality of Education: In private colleges, there are smaller class sizes, which ultimately leads to more personalized learning and better interactions among professors and students.
  • Flexibility: Due to the flexible schedule in private colleges, students can easily maintain their work and life.
  • Strong Alumni Network:Many private colleges and universities have strong alumni networks, which can help students to build valuable relationships and connections for professional life.
  • Research Opportunities: Due to the availability of more resources for research, students can easily participate in research projects to enhance their learnings and future career prospects.
  • Career Support: Private colleges provides the best career support throughout the academics and even after academics, they provide assistance from graduating to employment

The best BAMS Private College

Now that you are equipped with all the basic Bams information, let’s move on to further details such as the best private colleges, bams how many years course, and other details.

I would say it is worth taking admission to private Bams colleges but of course the condition that you have to study hard and prove yourself.

Since Bams is a 5- years course that requires hard work, dedication, and commitment irrespective of the college you study, a good college can change the value of your degree and shape your future career potential.

At Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College, We are dedicated to providing superior quality education in Ayurveda, with state of art facilities, to enhance the research and learning experience to meet the current and future needs of Ayurvedic fields of medical sciences.

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In this article, an attempt has been made to explore the various possibilities of pursuing BAMS, along with the best place to pursue the degree. In the modern world, there is a never-ending hunger for improvement in every field, and the medical industry is no exception. Thus, students pursuing BAMS have the possibility of giving rise to a whole new world of Ayurveda in the future and securing their lives with both hard and soft skills.


1. How many marks are required for BAMS private college?

A candidate must be a NEET qualified with at least 50% aggregate marks in class 12th.

2. Is an Ayurveda course worth it?

Ayurveda is the right career option if you’re skilled in Ayurvedic theory and exhibit patience, empathy, logical abilities, and emotional intelligence.

3. Can I shift BAMS to MBBS?

Yes, you can do your MBBS from abroad after completing BAMS.