Aging Better with Ayurveda

Aging better with Ayurveda

Aging Better with Ayurveda

Since time immemorial, youth and being young were much coveted. This can be seen even today in the anti-aging cosmetics, health products, and expensive surgeries to remove wrinkles. Not only would all of this burn a big hole in one’s wallet but all of them are avoidable to a certain extent. Ayurveda has several tips and tricks one can adopt throughout their life to slow down aging. Aging is unavoidable but to age painlessly while still retaining all senses is something that can be done by making certain changes in our daily lives.

In India, all of the above-mentioned and Ayurvedic education is imparted in dedicated higher education institutes. One such leading college is in Bhopal. The Mansarovar Ayurvedic College or MAMC is a popular choice in the region for students who wish to work in Aryuvedic Medicine. The college has a BAMS degree that is completed over four years. Soon the dates will be released for BAMS admission 2022.

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Stages of Life in Ayurveda

Ayurveda states that there are three stages of life namely, young age, middle age, and old age. The young age is the Kapha stage and middle age is the Pitta stage. The final old age stage is also called Vata.

In addition, there are also doshas that affect the age of individuals. There are three doshas, Vata being one of them. The three doshas work together in harmony to bring about balance in the body. If any dosha is affected, early aging is bought about. The individual might also get sick and riddled with diseases.

In Ayurveda, the text that describes the different stages of life is Charaka Samhita. This text specifically talks about the Vata stage. According to the text, Vata starts at the age of 50 or 60. Along with the physical changes, mental changes also occur. To help tackle this better, Ayurveda has many different practices that can be adopted. This has been dealt with in the next section.

Ayurvedic Tips for Aging

Ayurveda has a host of tips and tricks that can be adapted to delay the aging process. From diet to certain self-care practices that one can incorporate into daily lives, there are many tips. Some of the top tips are described below.

Nutrition : -

Ayurvedic nutrition is about Agni or the metabolic fire in the body. This fire must be taken care of nurtured using proper ingredients and fresh foods. One must take care to take proper meals every day and not skip any mealtime. Overeating or eating late should be avoided along with processed food. Some recommended herbs one must incorporate into their diets are turmeric, Brahmi and ginseng. All of these ingredients have proven anti-aging properties in them. Vata people should always consume food cooked. Consume oils like ghee on a daily basis.

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Sleep : -

All food eaten and activities done is a waste if sleep is poor. Going to bed early and waking up early, as per Ayurveda should be done every day. If one has trouble falling asleep, Ayurveda has many recommendations that one can pick up. If one is skipping out of enough sleep, not just physical health but also mental health is affected. Research has chosen sleep-deprived people can have depression and diseases of the body like obesity and diabetes.

Hydration : -

The Ayurvedic text mentioned above describes the Vata stage as drier. The skin dries up and there is a need to up the hydration. While not many people enjoy drinking too much water at the same time, there are other options. Try including fruits and vegetables with a high water content into the diet. Many people also add lemon or fruits for a palatable flavor to water. As a goal, six to eight glasses of water is essential for an adult.

Exercise : -

This is one point that holds true regardless of which stage of life one is at. On an average day, one must always be constantly moving. Light exercise like yoga can be done at the Vata stage too. This is important at the Vata stage because the joints must be kept lubricated to avoid aches and pains. Walks and stretching are safe ways to move the body. For women, this will help with menopause immensely. Studies have shown people who have exercised regularly have retained their cognitive abilities longer. Regular visits to the nearest Ayurvedic hospital for checkups also cannot be ruled out.

Meditation : -

The Vata stage of life is characterized by lesser responsibilities, life slows down quite a bit. In other words, this is the stage for renunciation of worldly items. It is recommended to pick up meditation during this stage. However, this is one practice that must be done by people of all ages. Meditation’s benefits are no longer a mystery. All of the top scientists in the world have witnessed positive after-effects of meditation in the brain thus contributing greatly to the future of Ayurveda. There is absolutely no requirement to spend hours every day in meditation. Spending as much as ten to fifteen minutes is sufficient.

Connecting with people : -

With all children and grandchildren building a life for themselves, Vata naturally leads to loneliness. Ayurveda recommends staying in touch with neighbors, friends and building up a community. Not only will this help during emergencies but also allow for mental stimulation from daily lives. Visit temples or any other appropriate structure. Sadvitta, a set of ethics on proper social values wants people to take part in community service and charity work to connect with Brahmacharya.

Taking care of the senses : -

It is not uncommon for old age to bring on slowing down of the senses. For people in Vata especially paying attention to the eyes, ears, and others is important. Ayurvedic practices that are recommended are tongue cleaning, oil pulling, etc. Alternatively, opting for special Ayurvedic treatments at special retreats is also beneficial. Here, these treatments are carried out by candidates with BAMS qualifications or a similar Ayurveda degree.

Aging brings out many mental and physical changes making it a stage many dread. However, aging gracefully is a dream many people wish for. Thankfully, with Ayurveda this is possible. From regular cooked meals, yoga, hydration, proper sleep, etc. There are many habits one can inculcate into their daily lives from Ayurveda.