Ayurvedic oils - Origin and importance

Ayurvedic Oils


Ayurvedic medicinal oils are fast gaining ground in the Indian FMCG sector. From hair oils to skin oil to therapeutic oils, Ayurveda has solutions to almost all human needs. Moreover, the Ayurvedic oils are free from chemicals and made from herbs with powerful healing properties.

In this writing, we will briefly discuss the history of Ayurveda, ayurvedic oil benefits, the most popular Ayurvedic oils, the philosophy of healing in Ayurveda, and much more.
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History of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the Indian holistic system of healing with pre-historic origins. Ayurveda developed in the Indian sub-continent, the vast Himalayan Mountains and dense Jungles provided many potent herbs, which were studied by the sages, and a system of herbal medicines was developed.

The knowledge about the mystical properties of various herbs and their effect on the human body were carefully documented and preserved in various ancient Sanskrit texts like Charak Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, Ashtang Hridayam, etc. One such jewel from these texts is the various Ayurvedic oils.
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Ayurveda's Philosophy of healing

Ayurveda focuses on preserving the delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit to foster good health and fight diseases. As per Ayurveda, a body is healthy when the three doshas of Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha are balanced.

Vatta represents the element air. As per Ayurveda, Vatta is responsible for movement and thinking. When imbalanced, it can lead to mental problems, pain in joints, neurological diseases, etc.

Pitta represents the element fire. In Ayurveda, pitta represents the fire in our body, which helps us digest our food, keep ourselves warm, help us grow, etc. Excess pitta can lead to physical weakness, acidity, too much heat in the body, etc., whereas less pitta can make us lethargic, prone to cold, etc.

Kapha represents the elements water and Earth. In Ayurveda, it represents fat and mucus in our body. Imbalance in Kapha is said to cause obesity, breathing problems, lethargy, etc.

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What are Ayurvedic oils?

We find the first mention of Ayurvedic oils in Charak Samhita, where the sage recommends oiling hair with different oil preparation and their benefits. Oils are an essential part of daily personal hygiene, and oiling skin and hair should be a part of daily habits.

Ayurvedic oils are special medicinal preparations that have the power to balance the three doshas, provide the body with much needed micronutrients, and rejuvenate the organs. The oils smoothen the skin and de-stress the muscles when applied to the skin. When further absorbed into deeper skin tissues, the oils nourish the skin.

Most popular Ayurvedic oils.

Some of the most famous ayurvedic oils are

Bhringraj oil : -

This oil is renowned for strengthening and smoothing hair. It also promotes blood circulation and helps make hair healthier.

Mahanarayan Oil : -

It is a therapeutic oil used to treat muscle and joint pain.

Sesame oil : -

Charaka recommends sesame oil to keep skin fresh and natural. Sesame oil is also used in cooking and provides many nutrients to the body.

Shadbindu Oil : -

It is a medicinal oil used for nasal installation to balance Kapha in the head and treat sinusitis.

Castor oil : -

It has multiple applications and is one of the best for overall health and well-being.

Coconut oil : -

It is used both as a cooking oil and massaging oil. Coconut oil is one of the best for making hair long and strong.

Bhrami oil : -

It is a very potent medicinal oil. It is used to treat severe headaches, stress, anxieties, etc.

Almond oil : -

It is one of the most expensive oils and is one of the best for treating dry skin and neurological problems. Almond oil is also used as a brain tonic when taken with milk.

Doshas and oils

Numerous ayurvedic oils are available in the market for various health problems. However, it's recommended that people should definitely consult an ayurvedic medical practitioner to find the best solutions for them. Following are some of the popular oil various doshas -

Vatta Dosha : -

Sesame oil can help balance Vata dosha problems like- arthritis, etc.; it helps improve the flow of Prana Vayu throughout the body and strengthens the body. For neurological issues and mental health problems, Brahmi is the best.

Pitta Dosha : -

Pitta dosha is treated with cooling, and calming oils, like coconut oil, mint oil, etc. Coconut oil is most suitable for pitta problems; it cools down the body and also heats up the body as per the pitta level. Pitta also causes dryness in the body, so people can also use lavender oil, sandalwood oil, rose oil, etc.

Kapha Dosha : -

For Kapha dosha, warming oils are used to manage the excessive fat in the body. Oils like mustard oil, castor oil, etc., are ideal for Kapha Dosha. People should also avoid oily foods to reduce fat in the body.

Apart from balancing the doshas, Ayurvedic oils also help calm our minds, nourish the deep tissues of the skin, and maintain energy in the body.

How to best use Ayurvedic oils?

For hair, it's best to use the oil either in the morning before taking a bath or at night before sleep. It's best if we can oil our hair daily; the scalp should also be massaged well to ensure that the oil reaches the roots of the hair.

Self-massage or abhyanga can also be done. It helps maintain good skin, remove wrinkles, heal muscles, etc.; the best oils for self-massage are coconut oil and mustard oil. For Kapha people, it's best recommended to use lukewarm oil.

Ayurvedic oils also recommend various oils to be used for cooking; mustard, sesame, and groundnut are the best for cooking. They supply the body with ample nutrients. Some medicinal oils like almond oil are ingested with milk or used as nasal drops.

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