BAMS vs MBBS - Which one should you choose?



Do you find it difficult to choose between BAMS vs MBBS while choosing a medical career? Well, as 2 well-liked possibilities, both BAMS and MBBS have a distinct approach to medicine and accommodate various practices and ideologies.

Also, when nearly 13 lakh allied and healthcare professionals already exist in India, do you struggle to find out from BAMS vs MBBS? If yes, we request you to read this blog.

Here, we will compare these two paths, and help you make an informed decision on which one to pursue.

Embracing The Traditional Ayurvedic Approach

Being a UG Ayurvedic programme, a 4.5-year BAMS course teaches you about Ayurveda, which is a traditional Indian medicine. You will further learn about a method, which has its roots in holistic healing and dates back 1000 years. This degree at Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College will further teach you how to use natural cures, herbs, and lifestyle changes.

The Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College's BAMS Degree integrates the discipline of Ayurveda with anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and other surgical skills.

Course Highlights

To better understand the BAMS course details of Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College, please refer to the below table:

Level of Education Undergraduate
Course Name Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
Eligibility Criteria Complete 10+2 level of education or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Or
An equivalent Diploma/Certificate with the aforementioned subjects.
A minimum aggregate of 50%. However, a 5% relaxation is given to the SC/ST/OBC candidates.
Must be NEET qualified.
Age Limit- 17 to 25 years.
Availability of Seats 100 seats
BAMS Course Duration 4.5 years of academic knowledge + 1 year of internship.
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Curriculum Focus

You'll discover the BAMS curriculum consisting of conventional pharmacology, practical training in Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment, and a wealth of theoretical information. Additionally, upon completing your BAMS, you will be certified to diagnose and treat illnesses utilising Ayurvedic principles, to reestablish harmony and balance inside the body.

Mostly, this course at Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College.Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College will teach you the following-

  • Principles of Ayurveda.
  • Panchakarma (detoxification).
  • Dravyaguna (knowledge of herbs).
  • Rasa Shastra (herbal metals and minerals).

Admission Procedure

To proceed with the BAMS admission process at Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College, you need to take the following actions:

  • Visit the college's online page to register.
  • Fill out the application form entirely, making sure to include all required information.
  • Upload all required documentation.
  • Before submitting the final version, re-check every detail.
  • Pay the registration fee, and download a copy of your online application form.

MBBS: Emphasising Conventional Western Medicine

You will see an internationally accepted degree, and your most popular path to becoming a physician by enrolling in an MBBS course. It mostly teaches you how to merge the theoretical and practical components of medicine by adhering to a traditional approach. Within this course duration, internships and clinical rotations at hospitals can provide you with ample opportunity to obtain practical experience.

Furthermore, it will facilitate your education on a range of medical ailments and current therapeutic modalities.

Course Highlights

For some MBBS course details, you can check out the below table:

Level of Education Undergraduate
Course Name Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Course Duration 5.5 years
Minimum Academic Requirement Pass the 10+2 level of education in the Science Stream.

Curriculum Focus

With an MBBS, you will be prepared to use evidence-based medicine and cutting-edge medical technology to diagnose and treat illnesses. Furthermore, clinical practice, diagnostics, medical sciences, and surgical techniques will all be covered in great detail in the MBBS curricula.
Thus, satisfying your “after BAMS MBBS is possible” query, and applying to the MBBS will enable you to investigate the following:

  • Human Anatomy.
  • Physiology.
  • Pathology.
  • Pharmacology.
  • Clinical Skills.
  • Specialised subjects like Surgery, obstetrics, and Paediatrics.

Determining Factors For Choosing BAMS vs MBBS

When choosing between an MBBS and a BAMS, you need to take into account the specific aspects:

Interest and Alignment

Selecting BAMS would be the better option if you are interested in both conventional treatment and natural therapy. On the other hand, MBBS is the best choice if you are passionate about learning contemporary evidence-based medicine and cutting-edge technologies.

Entrance Exam

Before seeking MBBS and BAMS admission, you should think about taking the necessary entrance tests for both degrees. This is because your choice will be influenced by the degree of competition, the complexity of the exam, and the amount of preparation needed. In addition, you must research the exam formats, and choose a course that plays to your advantage.

Career Scope

The scope of MBBS allows for a wide range of options in areas such as cardiology, neurology, surgery, and so on. Additionally, although restricted to Ayurveda, the after BAMS scope will provide you with chances in teaching, research, and Ayurvedic clinics.

Ayurvedic College

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You must investigate the programmes' affordability in terms of living expenses, tuition costs, and the availability of financial aid or scholarships. Essentially, remember to weigh the fees of MBBS and BAMS to make an informed choice that fits within your means.

Opportunities for Higher Education

Your options for postgraduate studies will be extensive as MBBS graduates. Typically, you can pursue advanced clinical certifications, or enrol in an MD and MS. Also, the courses after BAMS degree will allow you to study an MD (Ayurveda) in Ayurvedic Samhita Evam Siddhant, Prasuti Evam Stri Roga, Shalakya Tantra, and other fields.

Recognition and Acceptance

You can work overseas with an MBBS because it is widely accepted. Conversely, a BAMS is accepted in India, but you may not have as many prospects abroad. However, as interest in alternative medicine grows, BAMS is becoming more and more recognised and accepted in many nations.

Availability of Institutions

The reputable MBBS and BAMS best colleges should be taken into consideration. Mostly, seeking universities known for their quality education, skilled teachers, and practical training chances would be helpful. Your education's quality will be considerably impacted by this.

Interest in Surgical Procedures

The best path to becoming a surgeon is MBBS. Additionally, you can engage in a course that focuses on surgical training by meeting the BAMS course eligibility. However, MBBS is the right choice if surgery is your passion.

Wrapping Up

Through this blog, we wish to make it clear that deciding BAMS vs MBBS is a very personal choice that is influenced by multiple circumstances. Nonetheless, you have to keep in mind that improving the lives of others should always be your main priority, regardless of your chosen course.


1. Which one is better MBBS or BAMS?

Depending on your interests and professional objectives, you can decide between BAMS and MBBS. While BAMS concentrates on teaching you about traditional Ayurvedic techniques, MBBS is more likely to be focused on modern medicine.

2. Why do people choose BAMS?

Individuals select BAMS because it offers a comprehensive healthcare programme that includes Ayurvedic natural therapies and wellness practices.

3. Can BAMS earn more than MBBS?

No, the greater breadth of practice and demand in contemporary healthcare systems will allow you as MBBS doctors to make more money than BAMS practitioners.

4. What is the difference between BAMS and MBBS?

The aspect of BAMS vs MBBS lies in its approach, as you will find BAMS to be rooted in Ayurvedic philosophy and traditional practices. You will find MBBS to be based on modern medical science and technology.